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Moving Checklist

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Start getting the details of your move organized as soon as you can.

Create a "move information" file. Using a brightly colored organizer folder with interior pockets makes it easy to store important information and collect receipts for moving-related expenses.
Ask the Internal Revenue Service for information about tax deductions on moving expenses and what receipts you'll need to keep.
Contact your insurance agent to transfer property, fire, auto and medical insurance.
When organizing dental and medical records, be sure to include prescriptions, eyeglass specifications and vaccination records.
Contact any clubs or associations you are affiliated with for information on transferring, selling or ending your memberships.
Wills, stock certificates and other one-of-a-kind items (jewelry, photos, home videos) are difficult or impossible to replace. Plan to carry them with you instead of packing them.
Start becoming acclimated to your new community. Contact the Chamber of Commerce or Visitor's Bureau to request information on schools, parks and recreation, community calendars and maps.
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